Why You Should Try Ductile Iron Pipes

ductile iron pipe fittings Malaysia

Iron is appearing to be an omnipresent element in our day-to-day lives. We consume it in food, use it in our automobiles, and in our various structures from landed buildings to vast skyscrapers. Experts continue to put their heads together to find ways of improving our way of living with this element. One of the breakthroughs is the make and discovery of ductile iron pipes. Over the years we have manipulated iron, bent it this way and that, and made alloys of it by combining it with other metals. However, one of the best discoveries is this. Ductile iron  pipes are becoming highly favoured compared to the former favourite, cast iron pipes. For several reasons, ductile iron pipes are dominating the industries. 

They Cost Less In Maintenance And In Installation

One of the main issues with trying different materials is the price that comes attached. Materials are becoming more expensive not only to implement into structure and in other industries, but also to maintain. No company is willing to sacrifice money for an inefficient, unsustainable tool. One of the good things about ductile iron is that it saves firms money. The pipes installed not only last long, when installed, their maintenance is relatively minimal compared to other irons. They do not require the same level of scrutiny and constant replacing. Furthermore, the installation process is relatively simpler because the pipes are strong and manageable. This positive attribute lifts the burden of financial considerations. Operating these pipes also comes at lower costs than other metallic materials because they are efficient in pumping water. 

ductile iron pipe fittings Malaysia


They Are Environmentally Friendly

Ductile iron pipes are made from recycled material– over 90% of the material is recycled scrap metals, which in turn reduces energy usage in their manufacturing and reduces the waste of metal in manufacturing firms. Their components are thus, nontoxic. Ductile iron pipe production companies have been praised for their ability to reduce their carbon footprint. If your projects attempt to be environmentally-aware, then this iron is the right selection to make.


They Are  Durable And Perform Well For A Longer Time

Ductile pipes are able to perform well for 100 years! A whole century of well-performing pipes makes them a worthy investment. According to history, ductile iron pipes were used in Versailles for about three centuries in their fountains. Their long-lasting capabilities  also make them highly dependable. Compared to other pipes, these actually outlast their other iron counterparts. The pipe is not prone to degradation and mal-performance as many other iron types are, so even in America, the pipes are expected to last over centuries before requiring a complete altering of the water systems. Therefore, ductile iron pipe fittings Malaysia can be the solution to your structure’s pipe system.