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Why Study Psychology?

Whether you are at that decisive moment in your life in which you have to choose what to dedicate your professional future to, or if you want to embark on a change and train in something different, studying psychology will always be a good option. Each one must undoubtedly make his own reflection, in which without a doubt two important points will be: what he is looking for and what he would like to offer to others.

Psychology is an exchange where you allow yourselves to grow while you train, in order to offer the best of yourselves for the benefit of others. Let’s see now what advantages the degree of psychology can offer us.

  1. Psychology helps us understand ourselves better

As you delve into all these theories mentioned above, in the different approaches to personality, human development, or how culture impacts your behavior, make more than one aspect more flexible about ourselves and others. 

Studying psychology at Widad with the

pelajaran degree psikologi will almost necessarily lead us to ask ourselves many questions. Questions, yes, that do not always have an answer, but will become a reason for the constant search, a persistent adventure where you get to know each other a little more every day and where to leave behind certain schemes, attitudes, and ideas that were previously main.

Learn to value scientific methods

Psychology is not magic. No one is a mentalist nor do have a radar in your eyes that allows you to capture in 5 and a half seconds what trauma the person in front of us hides, what they fear, or what their strengths are. It may also be that more than once your friends, acquaintances, or relatives let us fall the recurring and classic phrase of “surely you are already analyzing me.

You will develop critical thinking

Much of the material, theories, approaches, and areas that makeup psychology studies help us develop critical thinking. Whether you like it or not, it is an essential requirement if you want to be good professionals, if you really want to be useful to people without losing integrity and honor. Only in this way will you differentiate the tree from the forest, the lucidity of the deception, the reality of the manipulation.

A greater understanding of human relationships

Studying psychology will not spontaneously make us psychologically healthier, more successful, or happier (most of us, at least).  Psychologists also suffer from depression, anxiety, they too fail like anyone else in their affective relationships and they have, why not, their little phobias and limitations.

You will appreciate human development in all stages of life

Understanding how you develop, how you change people throughout the cycle not only provides us with valid knowledge. As a rule, it also makes us more sensitive and open to the problems of others and the suffering or doubts that may be associated with them.