Traditional Manufacturing To 3D Printing In Construction 

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My first introduction to 3D printing came from the big bang theory, where the engineer and astronaut Howard Wolowitz and his best friend Rajesh Koothrapalei obsessed over making miniature versions of themselves using a 3D printer. At the time while knee-deep in Cheetos, it never occurred to me that 3D printing is already a reality and no longer just a theory in the book. The first applications of 3D printing were already developed in the 80s but our knowledge and exposure to it in our daily life is the bare minimum. 

3D printing is extremely popular in many different industries such as the internet world, medical, and especially the construction industry. Many also know it as additive manufacturing because its purpose is to create three-dimensional prototypes and complex objects. The complexity of the Additive manufacturing machines and it’s functionality became extremely practical in th world of medicine, architecture, and ofcourse, construction as well. The power of 3D printing is such that they are able to mold any type of component. A 3D printer literally can create any design of your dream with perfect accuracy and variations in both color, shapes, and materials. 

3D manufacturing machines are heavily used for the purpose of designing and developing products, engineering, aerospace, making electronics and dental equipment, and in the construction world to make any type of sheet or construction applications. 

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However, 3D printing is not magical as it always seems. While it has so many functions and uses it is not exactly the cheapest or the most affordable technology to implement. They are also rather slow and take extra precautions with complex developments. 3D printing is not always suitable for complete reliance on the object and sometimes it can be pretty deceiving causing many implications for the construction industry. 

Nevertheless, 3D printing is now a popular aid in the construction world. People use it reduces their cost and the amount of waste produced by the construction industry making it an eco-friendly choice. The sustainability produced by 3D printers makes them extremely attractive consumers and suppliers. They enable amazing designs in the world of concrete and cement so it also does a wonderful job of attracting more consumers to the business. So far there has been much great application of 3D printing in the construction world.

In China, there was a project we all witnessed where consultation giants used 3D applications to develop 3D printed houses. This was a major breakthrough in the industry as people use handmade designs t develop apartments and houses in a timely manner. Offices were also built in the UAE using the applications of 3D printing. They managed to build the office in two days and have it appropriate functioning. The design itself took a lot longer than printing. 3D printing is also used to make ceramics with the help of lignosulphonate malaysia

3D printing brings about so much convenience to construction giants but it is important to stay meticulous with its use and production. We use this technology to built parts of airplanes, rockets, homes that all have great consequences if there are malfunctions in the design and printing. Make sure to not compromise quality for the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing.