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Top Location For Scuba Divers

best scuba diving locationsbest scuba diving locations


Scuba diving is such a fun activity for you to try with your friends, family, or partner. You are able to dive into the ocean and see all the fascinating marine life and corals in the sea. You can take a diving lesson before going scuba diving. I promise you, scuba diving will be a fun experience for you and your loved ones to do it together. Once you try it, you will want to do more and explore different places.

best scuba diving locations
best scuba diving locations

These are some of the top locations for scuba divers or newbies to try. 




Malaysia is known for having beautiful beaches and this is one of the most beautiful crystal clear beaches. Many experienced divers love to go here because of the pristine water and corals in the sea. During your diving, you have a lot of chances to actually see turtles and dolphins in front of you. 




This country is known for its beaches and, if you have the opportunity to visit Hawaii it would be such a waste if you don’t go out and explore the oceans. You can see different types of coral and marine life during your scuba diving. Many people that visited Hawaii would always love to come back here and explore more. If it is your first time trying scuba diving don’t be afraid because there are many people that are capable of teaching you here. 




If you are an experienced diver and want something challenging this spot is exactly where you need to go for your next trip. Not only it offers you beautiful scenery but it is definitely more challenging compared to other location, this location is also a well-known place among experienced divers. There are various types of marine life in the ocean for you to see once you are in there. If you like to challenge yourself, this is the place for you. 


Egyptian Red Sea


Want to see something new other than corals and marine life? This location has exactly what you are looking for. In this ocean, there are cargo ships that are filled with motorbikes, train carriages, and trucks. After a long time of being in the depth of the ocean, these items are filled with all of the marine life. Other than that, this location is also known for its midnight dive. Definitely, a place that you should go to if you are wanting to try and see something new and unique. 




Located in Indonesia, this place is indeed a well-known place among tourists. If you are a newbie at diving this place is suitable for you, not having a deep level of water but still being able to see all of the beautiful marine lives. So don’t wait and plan your next trip here! 


There are many different best scuba diving locations, for you to explore with your loved ones. Don’t wait and plan your next trip together to try and experience this new activity.