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The Only Watch-Buying Guide for Men that You Need

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If you do not study horology, it will be difficult for you to find a watch that is really the
best one for you. Fortunately, I happen to know a lot of things about watches and this
article will serve as your guide to buying the right men’s watch out there.

Watch Movements

One of the most important aspects that you need to think about when choosing a men’s
watch is its movement. There are two prominent watch movements that are found in
most wristwatches today: Quartz and Automatic.

A quartz watch movement is characterized by its staggered motion that produces that
familiar “tick-tock” sound. It is powered by a battery and it should last you anywhere
between 12-36 months depending on the watch complications (or additional features, if

That being said, a true man should only consider wearing a mechanical watch. But no, I
do not recommend that you buy the manual version, I am talking about the automatic

The automatic watch is defined by its smooth sweeping hand movements. Believe it or
not, the watch doesn’t actually need a battery. To help power the entire watch, your
natural movements will create the much-needed energy to help activate its oscillating
rotor, otherwise known as its self-winding mechanism.

Why do men prefer automatic watch? Well, the rationale is akin to men preferring sports
cars than your run-of-the-mill Buick.


Now that you are aware of the different watch movements, I am now going to talk about
the different genres. There are specific watches that are made for specific use-cases. In
this section, I will go over the most common ones that you can find today.

1. Dress Watch

Think of a dress watch as a rather simple timepiece that is devoid of any additional
embellishments. They are simple as to not keep the onlooker’s attention away from the
suit you are wearing.

2. Driving Watch

This watch is perfect for racers or racecar enthusiasts. Its main feature is the
tachymeter which helps them measure the car’s speed, distance, among other things. It
also has extra buttons that provide additional functionalities when needed.

3. Aviation Watch

Also known as the aviator watch, these timepieces were pioneered by Cartier,
especially since they made the first one for Alberto Santos Dumont.

This watch typically has a bezel and slide rule and can help provide some much-needed
information to pilots, especially when they are going to different time zones.

4. The Minimalist

Available in both Quartz and Automatic movements, minimalist watches are true to their
namesake mainly because, like dress watches, they do not come with additional watch
complications. Instead, they are rather simple and can be used in formal or casual

5. Diving Watch

The last genre of watches that you need to know about is the diving watch. They are
designed in a way that makes them more water-resistant than other watch types. It
comes with luminous dials so that everything is still legible even if you are underwater
and it also has a rotating bezel as well that will help divers know how long they’ve been
submerged underwater.