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The Newbie Guide to Buying Your First Patek Philippe

Do A Research

Are you thinking of buying your first ever Patek Philippe watch? Well, before finalizing this valuable purchase, you may want to research first on the model you want to get. There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia, and failure to learn more about timepieces might lead you to the wrong purchase.

Rolex, Omega and Breitling are amazing luxury brands, but owning a Patek Philippe is still a different kind of prestige you would love to experience. For many watch enthusiasts and collectors, Patek Philippe is the pinnacle of the prestigious Swiss watchmaking process. Since its establishment in the year 1839, it has remained a family-owned, independent watch manufacturer. At present, it sells around 200 models. Do you want to be one of the lucky individuals to get hold of a valuable Patek Philippe timepiece?

See the Watch in Person

Since you are just starting out, it’s best to know the reference of the timepiece you want to buy before heading to a reputable authorized dealer. By doing so, you can ensure that there would be no confusion as to the model you are requesting. Here are some quick guidelines.

  1. Let the retailer know that this is your very first transaction, and that you are planning to be one of their loyal clients.
  2. If the sales agent is putting your name under a wait list, and that there is no reasonable delivery date, ask if he can connect you to another reputable authorized dealer who doesn’t have a long waist list.
  3. Be upfront and honest with the sales agent. Let him know that you understand the entire process and demand for that specific watch model, and that you are purchasing it for personal use.
  4. Prove to the sales agent that you are not one of those watch dealers who flip watches for a profit. Tell them your profession. This will also help you establish a good relationship with them.
  5. Let their team hold the watch’s “Certificate of Origin” while it is under the factory warranty. This will give the assurance that you are not turning and burning the watch. The authorized dealer might put you through a short process in order to prove that you are a local client (if they only want to deal with local buyers). At some point, you will be scrutinized and judged to see if you are worthy of getting a valuable Patek Philippe. That is perfectly okay, and don’t be surprised. Just be patient. Soon, you will get your dream watch.