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The 5 Key Features of Shared Web Hosting Explained

Among all of the hosting plans that web hosting providers offer to the public, shared hosting seems to be the most common. You can attribute that due to the fact that it is the most expensive and it should suit most website users. That being said, what are the key features of the said hosting plan? Today, I am going to explain each and every one of them so that you will be aware of.

Internet Bandwidth and Disk Storage

If someone tries to access your website, your hosting company’s server will be notified that someone tries to access it via an HTTP request. Then, all of your website’s files will be channeled to the user’s web browser, allowing it to post the contents of your webpage. The entire process above requires bandwidth which essentially equates it to being the amount of data used to access your webpage.

Shared hosting subscribers need not think about this too much simply because most users typically do not exhaust all of their allocated bandwidth every month. In fact, there are even some hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth anyway. Another feature that you need to be aware of is disk storage. Now, you might be thinking about why you need it in the first place. Well, your website will have files like photos, videos, graphical animations, and so much more. In fact, the text on your webpage actually requires some storage capacity as well.

Because of that, it is customary for hosting providers to include disk storage as part of their service. Typically, you are given 1 or 2 GB of storage if you choose the most inexpensive shared hosting plan, but you can sometimes have the option to add more if you need to (depending on your hosting company, of course).

Server Uptime

Server uptime just refers to how long their servers are operating without going down (either due to maintenance or some other reason). This is an important metric since you want to go with a company that has quite a long server uptime (and that is a testament of good service).

Although it is virtually impossible for any web hosting company to operate its servers at 100% efficiency, a web host that does promise 99.9% service uptime is one that you should subscribe to immediately.


Among all of the services that a hosting company can provide, customer support may be the least favorite but only until you need it. Customer support is given to you whenever you need any assistance or if you’ve come across a problem that your hosting company can help you with. To find out a company’s track record when it comes to providing customer service, look at different web hosting reviews.

Website Management System

Have you ever heard of programs such as Webmin, Zpanel, Virtualmin, and cPanel? All of these are programs that can help you manage your web hosting provider’s services, as well as your own website. Most hosting providers will give you a certain website control panel software that you can use while you are subscribed to their service.

Added Perks

Because of how saturated the web hosting market is, you can expect hosting companies to add their own bonus perks as a means to entice new and existing customers to continue to subscribe to their service.