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Sex Therapy for Better Sex Life 

Sex therapy can help overcome various sexual problems, ranging from reduced intimacy with a partner, difficulty getting aroused, to not being able to get an erection. Even using your sex toys from Buy Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia also didn’t help at this point. Want to know what sex therapy does? Come on, see this article.

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Sex therapy is part of psychotherapy to treat mental health problems. This therapy aims to help individuals or couples to manage concerns regarding sexual function, emotional, and intimacy so that they can enjoy sexual relations.


Why Need Sex Therapy?

You need to do sex therapy if your sexual relationship with your partner is problematic and the condition has interfered with your emotional health and quality of daily life.

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This is because by doing sex therapy, you can express various concerns to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Concerns you can share include:


  • Less intimate with partner
  • Difficult to communicate with partner
  • Lack or loss of sexual desire or desire
  • Confused about sexual orientation
  • Fear of having sex because of an illness or disability
  • Had an unpleasant sexual experience in the past
  • Can’t get an erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • It’s hard to get aroused
  • Difficult to reach orgasm
  • Feeling pain when having sex
  • Have certain unusual sexual fantasies or objects
  • Excessive libido

Don’t be shy or insecure if you have sex issues. It isn’t always has to be perfect. Sex is all about loving and pleasuring yourself. You just need extra help to do so. 

What is done in sex therapy?

Initially you will be asked to fill out a form of personal data and background conditions, including what drugs are being consumed, the disease you are suffering from, to a history of stress.


If you come with a partner, a psychologist or psychiatrist will interview you separately or all at once.


When undergoing sex therapy, you will be helped to identify problems that are happening in order to find solutions. You and your partner will likely be given tasks to do before the next sex therapy session.


The tasks can be:


  • Practice communication with your partner
  • Read or watch educational videos about sexual health
  • Change the way you interact with your partner, both sexually and nonsexual
  • If the sexual problems that you and your partner are experiencing are caused by certain diseases, for example you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, a neurologist and a psychologist or psychiatrist will examine the problems faced to find a solution.


Sex therapy consists of several short sessions. One therapy session generally lasts 30-50 minutes. How many times sex therapy needs to be done can be different for each person because it will depend on how big the problem is.


Some are fast, that is, only in a few visits, but there are also those that take longer. If sexual intercourse actually makes you or your partner so stressed, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for sex therapy.


The reason is, not only related to household harmony, healthy sexual relationships can also help stabilize blood pressure, reduce stress, and help nourish the heart.