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Reasons why manga is good to read

The Japanese entertainment industry is in good shape in the twenty-first century, with manga, anime, light novels, and Japanese video games all enjoying significant success. There are numerous reasons to explore the worlds of manga and anime, but fans may eventually decide that manga is superior to anime, or vice versa. 

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There is no definitive answer when it comes to anime versus manga, especially because different fans have different interests, tastes, and preferences. Nonetheless, many fans prefer manga to anime, and they have a number of valid reasons for doing so. Anime has many advantages, but collecting and reading manga is simply superior in many ways. You can also read one piece latest manga chapter online malaysia here.


So, why is manga considered a good read? Below are some factors why manga is a good read:


  1. Manga tells the whole story
  • If anybody believes that reading manga is superior to watching anime, their logic will be a combination of the best features of manga and the worst features of anime, or some combination of the two. While some anime series manage to tell the entire story of the original manga, the majority do not.
  • Numerous excellent manga series are only adapted into 12- or 24-episode anime, which is insufficient to tell the entire story. However, unless it is abruptly cancelled, the source manga will almost certainly tell the entire story, and this is a major reason to prefer manga to anime.


  1. Manga is not dependent on streaming rights
  • Anime streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, as well as Netflix and Hulu, are excellent sources of anime. Nonetheless, some series are never broadcasted since certain portals simply do not have the rights to them. Some series, such as Wotakoi and Grand Blue Dreaming, are almost never streamed in the West.

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  1. Reading manga is faster than watching anime
  • People read words much faster than they speak, so an anime show or TV show will convey its content at a slower pace than any comic book, novel, or manga volume. In anime, a paragraph that can be read in two seconds may take eight or more seconds to speak aloud.
  • For this reason, manga or anime fans who are pressed for time can enjoy a story much faster in manga form than in anime form, making it much faster to read all of One Piece’s manga than watch the entire anime. Not everyone has the time to watch 1,000+ episodes.


  1. Collecting manga is fun for manga fans
  • Not everyone has the budget or the space in their home to collect dozens or hundreds of manga volumes, but for those who do, it is a fantastic hobby. Some people enjoy collecting physical items, and manga fans can purchase a few bookshelves and fill them with every volume of their favourite series.

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  1. Manga books can be easily obtained from libraries
  • Anime fans can enjoy their hobby for pennies by subscribing to Netflix or Crunchyroll and watching whatever anime they can find on their preferred platform. That’s fantastic. Manga fans, on the other hand, can enjoy their hobby for free.
  • Public libraries are a great place to find not only books, but also trade paperback comic collections and manga volumes. Anyone with a library card can go to their local public library and borrow some free manga series.