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PSV Vessel In Malaysia: Altus Marine Solutions

psv vessel Malaysia

Platform Supply Vessels or PSV vessels in Malaysia are something that not a lot of people know about. Malaysia is gifted with so many natural resources that we can benefit from. Known for skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, our country is also known for utilizing the sea world. One of the fun facts about the ocean, the ocean has an average of 12,100 feet in depth. So because light waves can only go as deep as 330 feet in the water, and our Earth is mostly made up of water, this means most of Earth is in absolute darkness. This is why things like PSV exist.

It is a type of offshore vessel and is mainly used for transiting essential equipment and providing additional manpower. They help to fill the needs of operations on the high seas. These ships are unique for a variety of reasons. They assist in the transportation of not only heavy structural equipment but also smaller ones. Vital structural components are as well such as paving material and chemical compounds that aid in the seas operations. Other than that, these supply ships provide food and supplies to crews and employees working on the high seas.

psv vessel Malaysia

If you want to get your hands on PSV vessels in Malaysia, the best ones, make sure to go to Altus Marine Solutions. Was known as Altus Logistic Groups Network, it started in 2010 and had a small start in Johor. Slowly they have grown and become known for their exceptional service in Marine Service, Logistic Service, and Oilfield Service. They have been in the game for years and they understand the importance of value and mission, hence their great service. 

In their Marine Solutions, they have the vessel charters service. Altus Marine Solution has partnerships with so many vessel owners in the region to help them with their service. They are like Platform Service Vessel or PSV, Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), Work Barge, Accommodation Barge, Flat-Top Barge, Crew Vessel, and Heavy Lift Vessel. Their other service is floating hose maintenance and repair. When working offshore, maintenance is a must from time to time. With Altus Marine Solutions, you will be powered by a mobile team of experts to help you handle the issues. They have a purpose-built hose launcher, so you are no longer required to launch yours. Their maintenance includes engineering service, inspection, and pressure testing, hose stringing, dismantling and installation, and hose towing.  

For their oil and gas, they acknowledge that certification and inspection meet objectives. The process such as rising complexity, massive investments, new technology, and increased legal, safety, and more is happening. This is to ensure continuous supply and meeting the investment objectives. In Altus Marine Solutions, the best PSV vessels in Malaysia will help you with inspections like lifting appliances and gears, heavy cranes and lifting equipment, NDT or Non-Destructive Testing, drop objects, cargo-carrying unit inspections, pressure test, and mooring system. 

For their marine asset decommissioning, they will help you deal with issues like floating processing or storage units. All of that will be dismantled for safety measures. Altus Marine Solution, the leading PSV vessel in Malaysia will assist you with removal works of equipment, onshore base facilities, tank cleaning, waste removal, logistics, provision of cargo handling, provision of marine fleets, and more. Altus Marine Solutions are known for their top-notch service, so wait no more and contact them now!