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How You Can Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

Most of our errands today, entail us to use the internet and even the entertainment ones. We can say that our time today is indeed a far cry from that of our ancestors. This is the reason why almost all of us are somehow connected to the internet. Yes, and if something will go wrong and we can’t connect to the internet, you can be assured that we will be calling our provider right away. 

It is just sad though that there are really times when the quality of the internet connection is not really as promised. Do you experience the same thing as well? are you satisfied with your internet connection? Do you wish your wi-fi signal is better? Well, if that is your concern as well, you might want to know how your internet or wifi signal can improve? The following tips might solve your problem. Check this out:

  • The best location for your modem router

Sometimes, it is all about location. Well, in the first place, internet connection is all about location. The better location you are, the better connection you will enjoy. That said, you should check the best location in your place where you can position your modem router. This should enable you to get more internet connection. If possible, you choose a location where every area of your home will enjoy the internet connection. I say if possible, for there are times when only a certain part can get a good signal. 

  • Keep your modem router from possible interferences

You see, your modem router is a wireless device. It can easily get interferences from other appliances. This is why try much as you can to position this in spots where there are less appliances or just simply move your other appliances from it. 

  • The right wifi channel for your modem

Your device can also get some threats from neighbouring homes or buildings. Thus, you should look for the right wifi channel to save you from a lot of stress and headaches. You can use some online apps that will help you determine the right channel. 

  • Secure your network

There is also a good chance that the reason why your internet connection is slow, is because of the many users. Maybe you did not lock your down your network and making it available to the public. Yes, this can happen and thus, once your internet connection starts running, unless you are really making this available for your customers, you should lock it with a secure password where only your family members will know. This should stop others from siphoning your internet connection. 

  • Put control over your bandwidth applications

Because you need a fast internet connection, chances are you apply for the biggest plan. But the thing is, the other users might be enticed to use the connection in less important matters that can make your priorities suffer. This is why you should put control over your bandwidth applications. There is an app online that can help you do this and can then allow only certain bandwidth for particular activities. This way, your priorities will still be done and will not suffer because of the irresponsible actions of other users. 

  • An automatic reboot schedule

Maybe your internet provider advises you to reboot your modem once in a while as this can kind of refresh the speed of the connection as well. But if you do the rebooting at times when you need the internet connection, your tasks will surely suffer. The best thing to do this is to set an automatic schedule in which it should happen during times when the internet is not used. This should serve your purpose without having to suffer. 

  • Network overloading should be avoided

Do you have many family members in which all of them have their own devices? This can surely disrupt the internet connection causing it to slow down. And the thing is, there are times when even if a certain device is not used, it is left connected to the internet which can contribute to the slow connection. So, you have to make sure this will not happen. 

As internet connection is an important commodity these days, you really have to be strategic when using it. and if by chance you are still looking for a provider, you can check out Time broadband package Malaysia as in all of Malaysia, they are considered as the number one!