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How to Take Care of Your Mechanical Watch

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Purchasing a mechanical watch is an investment. If you are thinking of getting an heirloom
piece, this the type of watch that you should buy. For it to last for many decades, you need to
take care of it well. Watch maintenance and care is crucial for longevity. Here are some tips on
how to care for your mechanical timepiece.

Wind it every single day.

The very first thing you must remember here is to wind the mechanical watch regularly, most
especially if it is the manual wind variant. Even if it is something you don’t wear every day, it’s
crucial for you wind it daily.

A mechanical watch has plenty of moving parts. If they stay static for an extended period of
time, the lubricants that help move the gears can start to congeal. The result? Unwanted friction
that can impact the timepiece’s performance, and cause serious damage.

When winding your watch, be gentle, and make sure to stop when you feel some sort of
resistance from its crown. Winding systems are fragile, and can easily get damaged if a lot of
force is applied.

Keep the watch clean.

Your watch, whether it is mechanical or not, can get exposed to a lot of small particles and dirt
on a regular basis. These can come from regular daily actions, such as riding the subway or
shaking hands with strangers. Don’t let the residue sit on your watch for a long time.

Learning how to clean a watch is not really that difficult. Regular cleaning can be done with a
simple lint-free cloth. This can prevent the build-up of small particles, and keep the timepiece
looking sharp. Another cleaning method is to soak the metal bracelet in mild soap and warm
water for a few seconds.

However, for a more thorough cleaning, it’s best to bring your mechanical watch to a
professional. Getting a valuable mechanical watch from Malaysia is always a big deal, so you
need to make sure that it is safe and clean.

Make time for regular watch servicing.

Older mechanical watches require more attention and care. You need to look for the most
reputable watchmaker that you can trust with your valuable timepiece. A watch that is not
serviced correctly will face lesser value, and can suffer from long-term mechanical movement damages.

Depending on your location and the watch’s age, you may want to send it back to its
manufacturer for servicing. Bringing it back to the watchmaker will give you peace of mind that
all the replacement parts are all genuine.