Web Hosting

How to Prepare Your Website for Big Sales and Traffic

1. Work with a reliable website hosting provider.

Make sure that you are implementing the best web hosting services, and working with a reliable provider. Let them view your own account, and assess its ability to handle big traffic. If necessary, upgrades and adjustments must be made. Traffic is hard to predict, but you need to be prepared.

The things your website hosting package might need: More RAM, LiteSpeed and CloudLinux.

2. Optimize, and improve your website.

It’s your choice if you want to hire the services of a professional, or do it yourself. Are you willing to hire a website developer, or do you wish to do it manually? You can do this manually by installing WP Super Cache or WP Rocket. This is the safest, quickest and easiest way to do this.

3. Acquire a reliable CDN, or Content Delivery Network.

A content delivery network is an external type of caching. It is a specific system of servers that provide web pages and other content to a person depending on their geographic locations, web page origin, and content delivery server.

CloudFlare is a good tool to explore. Basically, it copies your website, and sends it around a hundred servers, and stores it on their very own server.

4. Acquire some website caching.

It is crucial to get yourself a type of internal caching. If you have installed WP Super Cache, WP Rocket or any other similar plugin, then you are already halfway there. These internal caching tool optimizes how the data is transmitted and processed from server to user.