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How Social Media Encourages Creativity.

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Do you find it weird how some people are so detailed with how they posted their social media contents? For example, some people use only one filter or color tone constantly for their Instagram posts because they want their account to look aesthetic. Some even color-code and arrange the order of their posts so that they will make their feed flow. What we can see here is that social media definitely encourages each individual to unleash their creativity to make their Instagram feed look as attractive as they can. For the youngsters, they even make this as a constant competition where they can continue to show off how creative they can be with their social media contents. Who says that creativity is only needed for a career such as website designer? If we look at web design agency malaysia, we could see them offering a lot of designs for websites that clearly flaunt their creativity in producing their works. However, you can produce creative posts for fun and even simply to distress yourself from a busy week. 

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Let’s move forward to see how social media encourages creativity.

A Way To Express Their Emotions And Opinions

We are all aware that social media can be a safe space for us to vent about our dissatisfaction about the world and even a way for us to show what we’re feeling on the inside. With how supportive certain groups of people can be in social media (because we can’t deny that toxic people exist, for real), your creativity can be a way for you to express your inner sides of your personality and let yourself loose a bit. It can be a way to relieve your stress while sending your messages through your contents. Humans love pretty things, and that’s a fact. So, you have to be creative if you want more people to come across the messages you intended to spread because people will just skim over your posts if they find it boring. This is probably why the teens are being creative with their social media because they are mostly at the age where they want to express their emotions and beliefs to the public.

An Opportunity For Future Career

For careers in the field of art and design, the companies will definitely love to recruit talented people that are able to showcase their creativity through their social media. If you have a huge passion in this field and are lucky enough, then your social media content can be your stepping stone to let you enter some big companies that can help you grow your potential. In this age where things can get viral in a second and the attention of the world will be focused on that, it is possible that your creative contents will be noticed by the related organisations.

A Symbol Of Your Identity

It is nothing new that every social media account is different from one another. Some could be weird, expressive and can be considered one of a kind. This is obvious as an individual will want to create an account that can be described as theirs with their creativity infused through them. For example, if you have an account for your Instagram, then you might want it to symbolise you and let people know that your Instagram posts are very unique and everyone can clearly see that it is yours.

Last Words

We can all agree that social media like Instagram, Twitter and websites really unleashes people’s creativity through their daily posts and contents. For some teenagers, social media is essential because it is their way to communicate with the world. Unlike the adults who are more open to expressing themselves in the real world, the teenagers are stuck with the hormonal phase where it is hard to express their feelings to the people around them. Social media is such a great way for them to do that and along the way, encourages more people to be creative.