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Helpful Tips in Buying Watches for Women

1. Watch Movements

There are tons of watches for women in Malaysia out there, but choosing among thousands of models is not easy. To choose the best watch for your lifestyle and preferences, you need to familiarize yourself with features and technicalities.

The truth is, very few women are interested in a timepiece’s technical specifications. Read more about watch movements. Take note that the movement is the heart of the timepiece. Without proper movement, it won’t operate well.

Contemplate on what kind of movement you want. Should you go for quartz or mechanical movement?

2. Watch Strap

Since ladies generally wear different outfits and styles, it’s better to choose a timepiece with interchangeable straps. That way, you can wear it with different outfits. Just be careful with styling. See to it that the material perfectly fits your skin tone.

3. The Type of Watch

Choose a watch that is suitable for your lifestyle. Do you attend lots of casual activities and meetings? Go for a minimalist watch. However, if you attend plenty of formal occasions, a jewel watch is a much better choice. It would go well with fancy dresses!

4. Your Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, a stainless steel, white, silver or gold case is the best option. In contrast, timepieces with rose gold or gold cases are best for warm-skinned ladies.

5. Watch Dial

Dial sizes must not be too large for women. It needs to be perfect for your wrist size. Most women prefer timepieces with dials which are around 34mm to 38mm.