Event Coordinator Interview Questions to Ask to Grow Your Team

1. Measuring the level of success

Different people aim for different kinds of successes. For your partners and sponsors, it equates to a tangible return on their investment. Meanwhile, for your guests, it means an amazing experience. A potential part of your team needs to understand your event goals, and work towards it.

  • For you, what makes a good event?
  • How can you measure your events’ success? Do you use quantitative or qualitative data?
  • Describe your most successful event planning project. What strategy did you use to make it successful?

2. Technology, news and tools

The professionals at the best event management companies in Malaysia always stay up to date on the event industry’s latest tools and trends. A tech-savvy team member will require less training and efficient. Overall, he or she will make your life easier.

  • What type of marketing strategy do you use for event promotions? In what way to you manage your email, advertising and social media campaigns?
  • How do you stay up-to-date with the latest event industry trends?
  • What event software or tool are you using now? What latest event tech do you want to try?

3. Time management

Time management is the key to a successful event. For event planners, 24 hours is not enough. Time management questions will allow you to understand your candidate’s strategy in prioritizing tasks and approaching the workload.

Have you ever tried managing more than a single event at a time? Where you able to complete all the events well? How?

  • Any time management strategy you are willing to share? What kinds of organization tools are you using?
  • When starting a new event management project, what are your initial steps?

4. Stress management

You wouldn’t want to work with a new team member who doesn’t know how to function well under pressure. Check how this candidate can handle the stress.

  • How do you manage stress?
  • How do you deal with last-minute changes? What exactly did you do? Who were the people involved?

5. Budgeting

Dealing with budgets is one of the most difficult tasks of an event planner. Budget can make or break an event. Thus, hire someone who can negotiate with vendors, and take the client’s budget seriously.

  • How have you negotiated with vendors, partners and sponsors regarding the budget?
  • What tools do you use in managing event budget?