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Best things to do in Genting Highland


The Genting Highlands is simply 45 minutes from Malaysia’s capital city of Malaysian capital, and is one amongst the country’s most well-liked holiday spots. The Genting Highlands is considered to be one of the hill stations in Malaysia, which puts it in the group of other locations like the Cameron Highlands. One reason people come here is to take in the crisp mountain air, but another major reason to visit is to enjoy the attractions like many casinos and theme parks both indoor and outdoor.


There is also a large car system that has put the Genting Highlands on the map, otherwise you can try whizzing on a fruit bat through the rainforest. Another nice thing about the Genting Highlands is that while the center is very commercialized, in the surrounding area you can easily go trekking and even go hiking to nearby waterfalls and mountains. This makes it a hit with both nature lovers and urbanites alike, something that is somewhat rare in Malaysia. Here are the best places that you can visit in Genting Highland:

Dance the night away at Cloud 9


None of the reasons that many tourists come to the Genting Highlands are for the incredible nightlife here which is a little more thrilling than in other conservative parts of the world.


Having that in mind, Cloud 9 is one of the area’s most famous nightclubs and thanks to its big neon pillars you can recognize it instantly. The club plays a variety of music such as R&B and hip hop and live music is also present, depending on the week’s night.

Casino de Genting

Besides online gambling such as genting casino online malaysia, there is a physical casino at Genting Highland.  In the Genting Highlands the most popular attraction has to be the Casino de Genting.


Someone who has been to Vegas may find it slightly smaller than some of the world’s most popular casinos, but it is Malaysia’s only legal casino and, as such, something of a regional powerhouse. You can find 3,140 slot machines as well as 426 table games when you visit the casino and if you fancy a game you won’t be disappointed. The casino also hosts shows and musical performances held regularly.

Genting Highlands Mountains


The Genting Highlands give you some of Malaysia’s most stunning scenery and with that in mind there’s no better way to test it out than going for a walk.

The Genting Highlands is popular for their casinos and resorts but the scenery changes entirely once you get out into the countryside. As this is a popular hill station, at this elevation the air is crisper, and you can check out the mountains and acres of unspoilt rainforest.

 Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm


Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm claims fame for being Malaysia’s largest strawberry farms, and was the primary to be established within the Genting Highlands. It is one of the region’s prettiest activities and you can spend an idyllic afternoon picking strawberries and soaking in the views. You can also go for a tour of the extensive strawberry plantation and enjoy the flower gardens on-site. There’s even a strawberry café where you can try the delicious fruits that the farm produces. Try the signature juices that are renowned in the Genting Highlands.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center


The Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center which first opened its doors in 1989 is one of the most popular spaces in the Genting Highlands. It is Malaysia’s only dedicated elephant sanctuary and you can find about 500 elephants here that have been saved as a result of poaching threats and the degradation of their local habitats. Driving to the sanctuary from the middle of the Genting Highlands takes about 45 minutes so if you want to see these magnificent animals up close it makes a nice ride. 

Catch a show at the Arena of Stars


The Stars Arena is one of the best known Genting Highlands attractions. If you want to see a show then this is the place to do it and some of the world’s greatest players have been performing here. The Arena of Stars is made up of a massive theater that has a sparkling lighting system and here frequently watch foreign stars. The best thing to do is check out what’s going on when you’re in town so you won’t miss the chance to see one of your favorite performers.